Bike Shuttle Finale Ligure and Italian Riviera, with amazing Mtb Tours:

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How we work with Bike Shuttle Finale Ligure service:

Bike Shuttle Finale Ligure and more: we offers a complete service to those who wish to spend their holidays in Bike or E-Bike experience (Cross Country, Freeride, Enduro, Gravity and Downhill) and works in West Italian Riviera.

Our services:

  • Mtb Tours with bike shuttle service for uplifts with 8 seats, day and multiday tours.
  • Training session with our Istructors.
  • Expert Guide from Csen.
  • Bike and equipment rental on demand.

We are based in Finale Ligure, that is one of the most important places dedicated to Moutain Bike, and Diano Marina (only 45 km).

We offer directly a “Classic Tour” in Finale Ligure and Golfo Dianese (Diano Marina) both.

Thanks to external collaborations we can offer the service of uplifts up to big rider groups.

In order to book vans it is pleasing to achieve a minimum number of at least 5/6 riders.

For e-bike experiences we offer specific e-bike tours.

Map of the Mtb Spots:

bike shuttle finale ligure

We work in the following areas:

  • Finale Ligure
  • Golfo Dianese (Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo al mare/Cervo)
  • Molini di Triora
  • Sanremo

Having an operational base also in Diano Marina we can organize and reach the other areas within approximately 50 km, with extreme convenience, offering the opportunity to try the experience of the various parks with different characteristics from one to the other.

Bike Shuttle Finale Ligure: which tours we do with the support of bike shuttle.

In recent years the Finale Ligure area has expanded considerably and new trail areas have been created close to the main trail network.

We therefore offer our Members/Members the following guided tours:

  • Classic Tour where you travel the most famous trails of Finale Ligure.
  • Backcountry Tours which are generally carried out with the aid of 4×4 vehicles.

The areas affected by the Backcountry Tours are Mallare, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, Giustenice, Lago di Osiglia, Sportorno and Noli.

The most famous trails of the Classic Tour of Finale Ligure:

Isallo Extasy, Rollercoaster, Toboga di Canova, Madonna della Guardia, Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2, Cacciatori, Base Nato, Madrenatura, 115, H and speed H, Ca Bianca, Little Champery, Legnaia, Crestino ed Ingegnere.